OGRA History


100% digitized competition as the impact of Covid-19 pandemic. The event managed to reach nationwide audience thanks to the online campaign done in 2021. 

We brought “Tropical roof with ecological clean energy & passive design” theme to this edition.


Tropical Green Roof System” was the main theme for this edition. We raised the issue as the trend is also raising in Indonesia and Asia.


The beachside cottage roof design” was the main theme in this edition, exploring Indonesia's beautiful geographical location as islands.


The main theme was focusing on “Future Green Roof House Design”, since, OGRA have continued to increase the submission number.  


First edition of Onduline Green Roof Award (OGRA) was held by Onduline Indonesia. 
It started to raise its popularity among Indonesian Architect collaborating with local Architect Association focusing on “Tropical Green Roof Design theme”.